How to Swap Sheets in Tableau

Step 1: Build a diverging bar chart by using profit on the column shelf and state on the row shelf. Step 2: Duplicate that sheet. Move...

How to Build a bump chart in Tableau

Step 1: Drag month of date to columns, and region to rows. Step 2: Create a calculated field called rank. Rank(sum([Sales])) Step 3: Add...

Replicate Vlookup Function in Tableau

Step 1: Create two sheets in Excel. One for your data, and one for your lookup table. Step 2: Connect to your excel datasource. Step 3:...

Add Quadrants to a Tableau Scatter Plot

Step 1: Build a scatter Plot using a metric on columns and a metric on rows. Unselect aggregated measures to finalize the scatter...

Tableau: RANDOM() Jitter Plot

Step 1: Drag [Sales] to the rows shelf, and [Region] to the columns shelf. Step 2: Click Analysis, and unselect “Aggregate Measures”....

Tableau: How to Make Spark Lines

Spark lines are often used in Tableau to show a large amount of date in a small area. They are tiny line charts that are added to the...




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