Edit Axis How to Add x Axis Title in Tableau

How do you add a title to an axis in tableau in this example I have state and sales as a bar chart I have an axis on the bottom without a title let's right click the axis and click edit axis I can add a title here let's call this sales now I have a sales title a few other things you could do in this box you can see I clicked reverse to reverse the scale now sales is backwards starting zero on the right and the highest number on the left you can also change the tick marks you can set them as none now I have no numbers we can set them as a fixed interval let's say ten thousand. You can also set minor tick marks so if I click on fixed here I can set set the minor tick marks to be at a thousand now you see there's a little tick for each thousand value the last thing you can do is change the range so i've actually set it to fixed I can set it from a fixed start that's not zero I can set it to start at maybe a hundred thousand. You can see that the axis starts at 100 you can also fix the end.

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