How Many Sheets Can I Have in a Tableau Dashboard & Performance Tuning

How many sheets can I put on a tableau dashboard the answer really is as many as you can in this example I have only two sheets on a different dashboard I have over 20 sheets the answer to how many sheets can I put on a dashboard is however many that you can without slowing down performance I’m going to show you how to use Performance Tuning to decide if you have too many or too few sheets on your dashboard if you add a new sheet and save it while you’re on the new sheet you’re going to set yourself up to be able to do Performance Tuning so I’m going to save this as a new file in downloads I’m going to close it and then reopen it now that I have the dashboard open again I’m going to click on help settings and performance and then start Performance Tuning. Let’s go back over to the executive summary. What’s happening in the background is Tableau is tracking every single thing that is happening on the dashboard and telling you how long each part takes so let’s click on help again says in recording stop performance recording. This opens a new workbook of your performance recording let’s close that out open this back up let’s go to one of these sheets to see what’s happening these are everything that’s happening on your dashboard so this worksheet sales top products is Computing layout for 37 seconds you can go through all of the tasks that are happening in your dashboard to see which one is taking too long. And that’s performance tuning in Tableau.

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