How to Add a Caption & Summary to a Worksheet or Dashboard in Tableau

How do you add a caption in tableau I have a circle chart built and I'm going to add a caption click on worksheet and click show caption on the bottom you have a caption which can be edited just double click and make this bigger so you can see it Tableau automatically created a caption and said one Circle per customer customer size by total sales and some more information rewrite it or add information if you want And you can change the formatting you can also insert Fields into this caption so if I want to insert business line I could do that click ok if I go back to my dashboard that captioning is now included in my dashboard as well in addition let's go back to the sheet and show you how to add a summary the click on a worksheet show summary you get a summary of the measures on the field on The View as well so you can see the sum of this total sales is 1.6 million you have an average a minimum maximum and you have your value as well hope this helps

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