How to Add a Drill Down to Any Dashboard in Tableau

How do you create a drill down from a dashboard in tableau in this example I can click on a map select filter and I navigate over to a new page that's a drill down of just the state that I chose let's see how to do this in tableau. Don't need to have two things to build a drill down a dashboard where you're going to drill from and a table we're going to drill two you can put anything you want in this table back on the dashboard I want my map to become drillable so I'm going to click on my map click dashboard actions and click add action click on filter. Choose where the filter is coming from so the filter is coming from the map. And choose the target sheets you could filter within this dashboard so you could have the map affect the total sales number by keeping these checked if you want to navigate somewhere else in the workbook change the sheet to your table you can also navigate to other dashboards. So I want to show all values when it's unselected and it'll want to be on menu we're going to call this drill down State drill down. I'm gonna click ok and okay again so if I click on say New York I get an option to click on state drill down you'll notice that this is the same name as what you titled your action when I click on state drill down it navigates over to the new table and has filtered down to only New York City you can affect which fields are passed into the new table by going back into actions. Double clicking into your action to edit and choosing which fields are passed manually so I might only want to pass the state and not the city let's click ok ok again let's go to New York One More Time click on stage roll down and now my table is filtered to only New York not New York City and that's a drill down in Tableau hope this helps.

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