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How to Add a Graph to a Tooltip in Tableau Viz in Tooltip

How do you show a graph in a tooltip in tableau in this example I have a bar chart with a line chart overlay and I can hover over one bar and I have another line chart in The View let's see how to do this in tableau. In order to add a graph to a tooltip click on the tool tip button and go down to the bottom click insert go up to Sheets and you can insert any sheet into the tooltip I'm going to insert this line and area chart and you'll see that I have a sheet name is equal to line and area Max width I'm going to set to 600. And Max height I will leave at 300. I'm passing all Fields into the new uh tooltip into the graph so think about anything on the screen so month of date passes like a filter currency passes like a filter any Dimension will pass like a filter into the new sheet I can change this all fields to maybe be just date by itself i'll leave it how it was and click ok when I hover over I have a line chart in my tooltip hope this helps.

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