How to add a Hyperlink to Text in Tableau Using Worksheet or Dashboard URL Actions

How do you use text as a hyperlink in tableau in this example I have a Google URL and I'm passing in a state variable to search for that on Google let's take a look at how to build this in tableau [Music] first I have a URL field I'm gonna open my field click edit you can see that I'm having a base URL of just a Google Search and Q equals blank and click ok to create a full URL I'm going to edit this field I'm just going to Simply take the URL plus the state so for each state you have your Google search and then Q equals Arizona Arkansas California Etc Click on worksheet. Actions I'm gonna add a new action and it's going to be a go to URL let's set it on select so when the Mark is selected it's going to go to a new browser tab I'm going to insert the full URL., let's click Ok well let's change the name to uh Google click OK and OK one more time now I want to click on Arkansas.

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