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How to Add a Measure Value to a Tooltip in Tableau

How do you add a measure to a tooltip in tableau in this example I have a bar chart of customer and total sales I'd like to add another value to the tooltip By default tooltips are the dimension and measures that are included in the view in this case I have the customer and the total sales I can add another measure by dragging sales margin onto the tooltip Shelf And hovering over to see that sales margin is now part of the tooltip I can edit the tooltip by clicking on tooltip and editing I can do simple changes like font font size bold italic and so on and I can pass in values so at any time if you want to pass in a value from the bar click insert and then pass in whichever value you want you want to put in so let's put sum of sales margin and like it's make it a little bigger bold and a different color click ok and i've added a measure

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