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How to Add Actions to a Dashboard in Tableau Filter, Use as Filter

How to add actions to a tableau dashboard I have a dashboard built with two sheets a map and a scatter plot let's add our first action by clicking on the map and selecting the filter use as filter button on the top. When I click that button the map now becomes clickable and has an action associated with it but click on one County you can see that the one county is shown in my scatter plot below I click on multiple counties all of those counties are now shown. To clear that out when you click this button an action is generated under dashboard actions we're going to click this sheet you want to see the actions that are only on this sheet you'll see that a filter action was generated and double click that and edit here's how you read this box so you're going to start on the right you're going to run the action on select when obesity map is selected and you want it to affect everything on the dashboard you can also set it as menu or hover the bottom right tells you what happens when you will clear the selection so when I click accounting and then unchip click it it will show all values I'm going to make a couple changes to show you the differences I'm going to change it to menu and I want to keep filtered values afterwards let's click ok and okay again now when I click on a County nothing happens until I select the hyperlink the hyperlink is simply the title of the action so when I click filter it filters down to that one row and when I unclick I have now have nothing clicked on the map it now defaults to only that Mark and it did not go back to all let's go back into my action. Affect this sheet let's double click this filter let's just rename this to action. This time I want to set it to hover and I want it to execute all values when unselected and click ok again now when I hover over a mark you'll see the scatter plot is being adjusted as I hover over different marks and when I un hover I have nothing i've excluded all values one other option on filters actions we go to dashboard actions for this sheet double click on action when you set a filter by default it sends all Dimensions so it takes all of dimensions in the first sheet and passes that as a filter onto the second sheet you can also do selected fields so what if I only want state to be passed let's change this to select and show all values click ok and OK again if I click on any County in Alaska all of the counties are showing in Alaska it did not filter to only the state if the county it filtered to only the state which was Alaska let me change to Florida now these dots are part of only Florida one thing you can do to see which dimensions are being passed as an action is navigate to the sheet and you see an action you can see that my action is set as state equals Florida.

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