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How to Apply Filters to More Than One Sheet in Tableau

How to apply filters across sheets and dashboards in this example I have a filter for month year set to only November 2020. If I want this filter to apply to my other sheets and dashboards I can adjust the filter by clicking the drop down going to apply to worksheets and I have some options I can apply to all related data sources so if you have multiple data sources in your view you can apply to all of them if they are related within that data blending you can apply within only this data source so if I click all using this data source it's going to be applied to only online sales data source also select sheets manually by clicking selected worksheets and choosing which sheets I want to be affecting I can click one click ok. One trick that you can use when applying to worksheets is coloring your worksheets so if I want to make sure I filter this sales Bridge I can color this red and when I go back to my applied to worksheets and selected worksheets you can see that sales Bridge is red and I can use that to color code which filters I want to be applied at which time hope this helps.

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