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How to Build a Map Visualization in Tableau Filled Map, Point Map, Density Map & Heatmap

how do you build maps in tableau in this example I'm going to go through three types of maps a field map a density map and a point map let's take a look at how to build this in tableau [Music] let's start with a field map in order to build a map simply double click on a geographic region and it builds a map any field with a map symbol on the left is a geographic field now that I have a region map let's drag sails onto color that's going to give me a filled map so I have my regions colored by sales the second map is going to be a point map let's again double click on region and then double click on City this gives me a point map you can color and size these dots by sales or any other measure by dragging sales onto color and sales onto size let's increase the size a little bit so we can see them and we have a point map let's add one more map it's going to be very similar it will be a density map let's double click on region again and double click on City we have a point map again let's take sales put it on color and then change it from automatic to density to increase the size and you can see where the dense areas are hope this helps

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