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How to Build a Pareto Chart in Tableau

How to build a Pareto chart in tableau a Pareto chart is simply a sum of a measure ranked highest the lowest and then a line overlay with the percent of the total the line will always end at one hundred percent all of the states represent 100 of the sales let's take a look at how to build this in tableau. Let's start by building a bar chart of sales by state. Sorted highest to lowest hold Ctrl down and copy your sales bill. On the second pill I want to add a table calculation I'm going to add a running total go into your table calculation by clicking edit table calculation and add a secondary calculation I want to add a percentage of total calculation now we have a running total with a percent of total on top of it to clear that out we see that this adds up to 100 percent the first Mark which is only California represents 19.92 percent of the sales let's turn this into a dual access chart. Make sure the first pill is set to be a bar chart and the second pill is set to be a line chart that gives you a Pareto chart make sure if you add any other dimensions like category per category on rows it's going to give me three Pareto charts make sure your table calculation is set to compute for each category so you want state to be selected and category to be unselected and the same for the percent of total hope this helps.

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