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How to Change a Pill from AGG to SUM in Tableau Using Level of Detail

How do you change a measure from AG to sum in tableau in this example I have a bar chart of customer by quantity it's an aggregative quantity how do I change this to a sum or an average let's open up this calculation to see why it says add Ed edit this calculation quantity AG is already a sum so anytime you see AG in Tableau that means at some point in a previous calculation it was already aggregated there's two good ways to get rid of the AG if you want to do something different if I completely remove some from sales quantity click apply okay i've changed the aggregation so it turned red let's drag my red pills out and drag quantity AG back in now since it was not aggregated in a previous calculation it's sum of quantity AG I can change this to let's say average. There's one other way to change quantity AG into a sum or an average let's go back in and change it back to a sum like it was before and again we're going to have to remove the red pill so I have quantity AG again if I write a calculation that's a level of detail let's create a calculated field if I use any level of detail calculation fixed exclude or include it becomes not aggregated and you can aggregate it in your view so let's change this to include customer. And then pass in my aggregated pill and with a curly bracket so by wrapping the the aggregated value in a level of detail calculation it changes it to a not aggregated pill just call this not AG. Click apply okay and if I have not add on columns I can sum it up so if I sum it up here I get the same value for each customer I can also change it to average median Etc hope this helps.

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