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How to Color a Dimension with Tableau

In this video, I'm going to show you how to color a dimension in Tableau. The left view shows segment and sales with sales colored by segment. On the right view I have segment and sales and both are colored by segment.

1. First, I'll need segment, then sales

2. Next I'll need a max of zero

3. I'm going to duplicate this pill four times 4. On the first axis I'm going to put segment on text

5. On the second axis I'm going to put a blank on text

6. On the third axis i want sum of sales

7. On the fourth axis i want another blank

8. Now I'm going to make both of these dual axis

9. At this point i don't need segment so I'm going to hide it

10. Now turn this into a text view. remove the lines, and make it smaller

11. These axes can turn into headers. I'm going to call this one segment. Remove the tick marks; I'm going to call this sales, and remove the tick marks

Robert Breen

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