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How to Convert Value to Percentage in Histogram in Tableau

How do you convert a value to a percentage in a histogram in this example I have a histogram counting Revenue within Revenue bins and I also have the percentage of total on the bottom let’s take a look at how to do this in tableau. If this is your first time here make sure you like And subscribe for more Tableau content the easiest way to convert Revenue into the percent of total is by using a table calculation so let’s bring Revenue over to rows to the right of the count. And let’s change it to account we don’t want to sum we want count of revenue for a histogram. Now I can click the drop down on count of Revenue go to Quick table calculation and choose percentage of total. Now I have the percentage let me show you this is a table calculation if you edit the table calculation you have options on how the table calc should run. A second way to count percent of percentage of total for a histogram is by using a level of detail calculation let’s create a calculated field call it percent. I’m going to start by dragging in count of Revenue that’s the numerator and divide by the total across the entire table so I want to use an exclude statement start type exclude I want to exclude the bin so I want to have load to ignore the bin put a colon and count how many times Revenue exists. Put a curly bracket after that exclude functions are not aggregated in tableau so I have a count divided by a row level calculation so I need to sum this up I’m going to sum my entire export statement this sum of exclude statement is effectively just counting all of the records across the entire table and the numerator is counting Revenue divided by the total let’s click apply okay and drag percent into the view.

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