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How to Creat a Box Plot in Tableau Using Show Me & Manually

How do you create a box plot in tableau in this example I’m going to use the measure sales to create a box plot let’s take a look at how to do that in tableau. First I’m going to double click on sales. I don’t have the option right now to choose box plot so let’s click on analysis and disaggregate measures. Now the box plot is available to me I can click on the box plot and show me and I have a box plot I can split this up by region by putting region on columns and dragging a copy on the color. That’s one way to create a disaggregated box plot let’s create one that’s aggregated to a certain level to add new sheet start by double clicking sales again. I’m going to double click some other measures my category. Subcategory I’m gonna put those both on detail. And put region onto columns and let’s click the box plot again and I have a box plot of categories and regions let’s put category on color the difference here is I have one mark That’s aggregated for each region and category in subcategory as opposed to this box plot that is each individual row plotted as a black spot hope this helps.

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