How to Create a Bump Chart in Tableau Using a Rank Calculation

How do you create a bump chart in tableau in this example I'm seeing how category and subcategories compare against each other if I click on office supplies you can see the rank of office supplies going up and down being the highest it's best being rank of one is the best and being reactive seven is the worst if I click on others you can see how their ranks change over time this is the main function of a bump chart let's go back to our sheet and see how to do this in tableau. Normally starts with a date axis so I'm going to grab date and put it on the columns and let's make it month let's put my category subcategory onto rows and put quantity into the view. A bump chart uses rank not the actual measure so I'm going to change quantity to rank by using a quick table calculation to make sure it's indexed correctly by editing the table calculation and changing it to for each month so a long category slash sub for each month click ok let me see the first one Furniture bookcases is going from six to seven six seven back and forth a couple times this is going from one the whole time so that's our rank to make this a bump chart let's move our rank up to rows category down color. Now this is a bump chart if I click on each one I can see how the rank changed over time generally a rank of one is best so let's edit the axis and reverse it so one is on Top seven is on the bottom hope this helps.

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