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How to Create a Button in a Tableau Dashboard Using a Navigation Object

how do you add a button to a tableau dashboard I have a dashboard built within Tableau desktop go to the objects section you're going to click a navigation button I'm going to hold shift to drag this into the view I'm going to put it right next to my title that makes it floating let's edit the button clicking the drop down edit button and I can tell where to navigate to so I want to navigate to business line I want the button to be orange click apply okay nothing happens when you click a button in the editing mode but if I click alt and then select the navigation it navigates to the other dashboard let's go back to the executive summary I can rename this navigation button instead of text we could say go to business line apply okay you can also use an image so if I edit the button change it from a text button to an image button I can choose any image choose the peacock logo click open apply okay and now the peacock logo you want to hold Alt we'll navigate to the business line dashboard hope this helps [Music] foreign [Music]