How to Create a Button to Clear Filters in a Tableau Dashboard

How do you create a button to clear filters in a dashboard in tableau in this example I have a region filter and I can change to Central and I can remove some states. I have a clear button on the right if I click that it will clear all of my filters back to normal let’s take a look at how to do this in tableau. Let’s start by adding a new sheet. We’re gonna call this clear. You need to drag a dimension for each of your filters so I have a region filter and drag that onto rows and I have a state filter and drag that onto rows as well. Now add some text by double clicking into the marks card and typing clear in parentheses.let’s move that up to rows. I have a clear button so right click clear and unshow it click the drop down on region unshow the header and do the same state You can make these abcs a bit smaller and white by clicking color changing it to White continue your size down to as small as it gets let’s drag this over so we can’t see the abcs now I have a clear button let’s go back to my dashboard. And add that clear button to The View. I’m gonna bring it in this floating by holding shift let’s get rid of the title and fit entire View. Let’s make this smaller to right click to clear format I don’t want the alignment to be Center and Center. So I have a clear button to make it work I need to click this fill use as filter button. And go into each of my filters and make sure it does not apply to the clear sheet so let’s click the drop down apply to worksheets selected worksheets I want everything on the dashboard except for my flare button click ok do the same thing on State. I want it to apply on everything on the dashboard except the clear button click ok let’s filter this down to Central we’ll move some states. And click my clear button that clears out all my filters hope this helps

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