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How to Create a Calendar View in Tableau using Week, Month, Year, Weekday & Day

How to create a calendar view in tableau in this example I have a calendar of quantity shaded by how high the quantity is let’s go to a new sheet and see how to do this in tableau. A calendar view in Tableau only uses two Fields let’s start with date and drive date to rows put data on filters as well I’m going to choose only one year let’s choose only 2021. This first pill this date needs to be month. And take a copy of that pill and change it to we uh week number. And change another copy of this and change this to weekday. My calendar is forming let’s do one more copy of order date and put it on label this is going to be day of order date now all I need is quantity let’s put this on color and we’ll make sure it’s a square mark and that’s a calendar view and tableau.

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