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How to Create a Horizontal Legend in Tableau using a Separate Sheet in a Dashboard

How to create a horizontal Legend in tableau in this example I have a bar chart colored by region and a standard Legend on the right it’s vertical I also created a horizontal Legend to show on the top let’s add a new sheet and build that into tableau. Sheet created with sum of sales by region and region is colored I have a legend that’s vertical that comes standard with colored bar charts how would I make this horizontal trouble is there isn’t an option on a standard Legend to make it horizontal I have to use a separate sheet to do so all I’m going to do is duplicate the sheet I’m going to right click my bar chart sheet click duplicate I’m going to need a square Mark so let’s change this to square some of sales can go away we don’t need that anymore and you can hide these headers. This is a legend but I can add one more thing I can hold Ctrl down and drag region to label and Center it in the middle. This Legend can now be added to a dashboard so if I go back over to my dashboard let’s get rid of the vertical Legend. And let’s drag my new sheet in as floating by holding shift down I can remove the title and make it a little smaller and let’s also add a border and get rid of the vertical and that’s a horizontal Legend in Tableau hope this helps.

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