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How to Create a Story and Add Story Points in Tableau

How do you create a story and add story points in tableau I have two dashboards built a Superstore demo and a population demo I'm going to click this button on the right to add a new story I can name my story new story. And I can start adding sheets you can add sheets and dashboards so I'm going to grab my Superstore demo double click it and it becomes a part of my story you can add a caption this is Superstore data. To add a new story Point click blank on the top left and double click population demo you can add a caption here. You can also add text as floating anywhere in your view. And I can change the size of the story let's change it to fifth fit my entire dashboard. You can change how the story looks by clicking on layout and changing it to numbers dots or arrows depending on how you would like it to look hope this helps.

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