How to Create BAN's in Tableau Big Numbers with Percentage Signs

how do you create bands in tableau bands are simply big numbers like you see on the top left here I have a band of total sales showing the sales value and a year-over-year value you can also add a line chart to a band let's go to a new sheet and see how to do this in tableau [Music] there are three primary parts of a band you're going to need the number the big number most of the time you're going to need year over year and you're going to need a title there's multiple ways to do it but I'll show you one I'm going to use sales just drag that onto text I can make it really big by clicking on text edit and make it something like 36 point and make a bold click apply okay let's format that to only have millions format and we're going to change this to a custom currency and add the million display unit so 2.3 million it'll filter this down to only one year let's grab date and only choose one year 2021. click apply okay and it's 0.73 million let's go to that dashboard I'm going to use floating you can also use tiled I'm gonna hold choose floating and drag bands up to the top left let's remove the title and fit the entire View you can also right click select format and Center it that's the primary part of the band is the big number let's also add a title so I'm going to grab a text object many ways to do this but I use text objects I'm gonna call this sales make it really big let's make it almost as big as the number make a bold Center okay so I have sales we can make this gray and make the text White so the only thing I need now is year over year so I'm going to go back to my bands sheet I'm just going to duplicate it right click the sheet click duplicate it and call it year over year there are ways to put year over year and the big number in one sheet but if you have don't have performance issues you might want to think about using two let's change our year to include 2020 and 2021 drag gear over to the rows while holding Ctrl down so I have 2020 and 2021 I want the year over year difference so I'm going to click the drop down some sales quick table calculation percent difference we don't want that to be Millions let's format and change it to a percentage that's up 20 percent while using table calculations you can't filter so I can't just remove 2020 but I can hide it so I'm going to right click 2020. hide click the drop down on year and until the header and also get rid of these lines by right clicking select format and removing dividers the percentage should be smaller let's change that to be let's say 18 point click apply okay it's just a bit smaller I can also format this let me go back to format I'm going to add plus and minus signs to show that this is 20 up click on the numbers once I've chosen percentage I can go down to custom and I have uh the percentage value here I could just change it by adding a plus putting a semicolon semicolon is there for what to tell Tableau what happens when it's negative copy that paste it and change the negative to a negative so now I have plus 20 if it was negative I would have a minus let's go back to my dashboard and add that sheet I'm going to drag the band in remove the title fit entire View and I can put it where I want it probably looks pretty good right here and that's a band you can always make it tiled I prefer tiled so I'm going to change it to to be tiled in maybe look a little bit better then drag a horizontal container in and start dragging my pieces in so let's move my sales into the Container by holding down shift to turn it from floating into into tile and I'm going to put my percentage to the right of it again hold shift and drop it to the right add another container I'm going to put two blanks into the vertical by holding shift to make sure it goes into the vertical two blanks I'm gonna drag sails into the vertical grab this container I grab this container by double clicking on the handle and put it under sales always remember to hold shift to turn something from floating into tiled let's get rid of my blank boxes foreign take this whole container move it to the top right make it a little bit bigger and let's put a border around it now I have a big number hope this helps

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