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How to Create your First Dashboard in Tableau

How do you create a dashboard in tableau in this example I have a pretty complex dashboard but i’ll show you the basics let’s hop over to a new sheet and see how to do that in tableau. In the Tableau workbook you have three things sheets dashboards and stories sheets are where you do all the work so this button on the top right will add a new sheet if I want to create a dashboard I’m going to click on this button here dashboards are simply a collection of sheets so if I navigate back to my sheet I’m going to build a simple chart with region and sales. Let’s make it a field map pretty simple chart just call it map. Dashboards come into play when you want to add multiple sheets for your users to see at the same time so i’ve navigated over to my dashboard I can call this my first dashboard. And drag in my map sheet any sheet that you’ve built will be shown on the left hand side so if I drag map over to The View I have one sheet and a dashboard let’s add more by creating a line chart let’s grab date put it on columns and sales so we have a bar chart of sales and change it to a bar now I can go back to the dashboard and add that new sheet I didn’t name it so it’s still called sheet 16. But I can put it anywhere on the dashboard you can add as many sheets as you want here it’s a best practice to keep it to between five and ten but you can add as many as you want one of the main features of dashboard is that it can be interactive so let’s click on the filter for the map and I click on let’s say Southeast and the rest of your dashboard is now filtered down to only Southeast and that’s building a dashboard in Tableau hope this helps

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