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How to Edit Your Tooltip in Tableau

How do you edit a tooltip and tableau I have a map built with a tooltip I'm going to show you how to edit if you click on the tool tip button we have an edit option you can pass in variables variables are going to have two carrots around them so County and this County and this state is a variable anything without those carrots around them is just text so it's passing in this information in Brown and this information is just text I click ok you can make things available for the tooltip by dragging them onto the tooltip option clicking tooltip and clicking insert. Any field that you put on the tooltip area label area detail color or size will be available to put in the tooltip you can completely unsure tooltips by clicking unchecking show tooltips you can remove command buttons by unchecking command buttons and you can remove allow selection by category by unchecking a live section by category let me demonstrate what those are click ok I'm going to hover over a mark and click it what you see on top is a command bar this keep only exclude group that's your command bar you can turn it on and off you can also click on a mark and click on the underlying area to highlight the rest of that area go back into the tool tip that is include command buttons and allow selection by category hope this helps.

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