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How to Format Chart Value Labels in Tableau Label Formatting & Field Formatting

How do you format chart values in tableau in this example I have a line chart of kpi by month I have the labels showing as millions and they're big and bold let's take a look at how to do that in tableau. If this is your first time here make sure you like And subscribe for more Tableau content I'm going to start by clicking the label button and clicking show Mark labels when you do it this way you don't have very much ability to edit the format you cannot click the button here these three ellipse to edit the format we'll close that out and drag kpi onto label. So now I have kpi on rows and on label as well now when I click the label button I get this three ellipse button I can click that. And I have some editing here I can make it bold bigger maybe underlined to apply okay and you can see that i've changed the format on the label in addition I can click the drop down on the pill clip format and adjust the format here there are two options Pane and axis if you edit the format for the pane then anything in the pane will be formatted differently and if you edit for the axis the axis will be formatted differently let's click plane change it from number to number custom and let's add display units of million now I have 3.91 million for this Mark I can also click custom and write a custom format here.

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