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How to Put a Bar Graph Inside Another Bar Graph Tableau Using a Bar in Bar Chart

How do you put one bar graph inside of another bar graph in tableau in this example I have two bars blue is revenue orange is margin the blue bar is thinner and is inside of the orange bar let's take a look at how to do this in tableau. If this is your first time here make sure you like And subscribe for more Tableau content I have business line in the view already let's start by adding Revenue to columns and margin to columns as well. I'm going to turn this into a dual axis chart by clicking the drop down on margin and selecting dual axis my bars change the circles so I'm going to change it back by clicking all and then selecting bar you can see that the revenue and margin are both showing revenue is blue margin is orange if I make Revenue smaller so if I click on Revenue and change the size to be smaller the bar gets smaller it's behind the orange so let's move it in front of the orange by moving Revenue to the right of margin and we have a smaller bar in a inside of a larger bar. Let's change the formatting by clicking Revenue holding down control and dragging it to label click on label and let's put it over to the left now I can see both of the totals.

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