How to Save your Tableau Workbook in Tableau Desktop twb, twbx, Publish, Public

How do you save your work in Tableau desktop there are four main ways to save your work let’s start by clicking file save as you may not have the option to save your work as a twbx or a twb file within any folder on your desktop a twbx file includes all of your data and all of your work they do end up being quite large a TWP file only contains your work and does not contain the data so if you’re sharing this file with a co-worker you’re going to want to make sure to choose twbx so they have the data included in the dashboard let’s cancel that out a second way you can save your work is clicking file and Export as versionIf you’re working with somebody who has a lower level of Tableau desktop than you do you might you have to export it as a lower version so if your co-worker has Tableau 2020.4 you’re going to have to export it as 2020.4 or they won’t be able to open it they will not be able to open a version 2021.4 you also have the option to choose between twbx and twbA third way to save your work is by publishing it to Tableau server or Tableau online by clicking server publish workbook you’ll be given the option to edit add your credentials and publisher work to Tello online or Tableau server by clicking connectA fourth way to publish your work is to click server Tableau public and save to Tableau public as you’ll need a type of public account and make sure you don’t publish sensitive data this is a public site that anybody in the world can access and that’s four ways to save your work in Tableau desktop I hope this helps[Music]Thank you

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