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How to Sort Date Filters Newest to Oldest in Tableau Using Default Properties

How do you sort a date filter in tableau in this example I have my date on filters and I'm showing it as month day year you can see it's backwards so the Top Value is November 1st 2015 and the bottom value is December 7 2020. I can adjust this by setting the default parameters to my date field so if I click on my date field and choose default properties and this default sort. We're gonna default sort to be descending. Let's take date out now when I drag date to the filter Shelf I want to make sure I choose exact date so I'm just going to choose month a year for now use all apply okay and let's change this to make sure it's exact date we can click ok and change it to discrete it's going to make me use all again now when I add the filter to The View. It's the other way around 12 7 is first and 2015 is last hope this helps.

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