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How to Use a Filtered Excel Sheet in Tableau

How to use a filtered Excel sheet in tableau in this example I have an Excel sheet where I have filtered down to only west region in Tableau I can see all regions Tableau does not read filters from Excel and it doesn’t have the ability to What you’re going to have to do is apply the exact same filters on the filter shelf so if I drag region to filters and keep only West then I have only west region in addition you can double click into your data source and add the filters here instead then they will be Global across the entire workbook a Key West okay okay let’s go back to my sheet now I don’t need a west region filter on every sheet a second way to use filtered Excel sheets in Tableau is to create a table and a named range if I grab these two columns create a table okay filter it down to only West. Make sure I have my columns selected let’s add a range call it filtered. I’m referencing my table click ok. Now Tableau can pick up that table that defined range in Excel so back to tableau. I have a new sheet called filtered that I can connect to in tableau and when I go back to my Excel sheet my filtered version is only West.

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