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How to Use the Pages Shelf in Tableau

How to use the pages shelf in tableau it's one of the least used areas of Tableau so I'm going to show you how in this example I have year of order date on pages and as I navigate to the right it changes from 2018 to 19 and then to 2020. Pages are pretty simple but can cause problems so I'm going to show you an alternative as well pages are pretty straightforward I'm just going to grab order date and drop it on pages it defaulted to year on the right I have this control for the page and I can go left and right you can see the map changes by going left and right so this is 2018 1920. I also have year page name in the title that came there by by default. There are a couple other options like showing history and changing how fast or slow the change will happen can also click play and it will automatically move through the years there are some issues with sorting when you use pages so you might not always want to put year on pages another option would be to move year down to filters choose here select only one click apply okay add this filter. And change it to a single value slider now I can do almost the exact same thing with a filter instead of a page hope this helps.

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