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How do you add custom shape files in tableau in this example I have my regions shaped by some custom shapes a West shape in each shape and Earth shape let's take a look at how to add this in tableau. I have two new shapes that I'd like to add to tableau they're saved in a video file I'm gonna copy those with Ctrl C and we're going to navigate over to a tableau file navigate to shapefiles within my Tableau repository it's most likely in your documents folder we're going to add a new folder right click click new folder let's call this logos. And double click into logos and i'll paste in my shapes I have two images two jpeg file shapes let's go back to tableau and click on shape reload shapes is going to load those two new shapes into Tableau desktop let's click reload shapes and go over to my new file called logos and I can set East to be the peacock logo and North to be my logo apply okay and you have two custom shapes in Tableau hope this helps.

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