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Tableau: How to Build a High Quality Sales KPI Dashboard in Tableau Desktop

How do you build a high quality sales kpi dashboard in tableau in this session I’m going to show you how to build this exact dashboard follow along and let’s go to a new sheet

Let’s start by adding a new sheet first we’re going to build our big numbers so I have total sales total quantity big numbers in my dashboard let’s name this sheet total sales

Throughout the sales field onto text let’s make this really bigMake it 24 point

And make it blue and bold


Let’s set the formatting to be thousands let’s click on the drop down on some of the sales click format change the numbers to display units of thousands we only want to show 2020. So let’s grab order date put it on filters and keep only 20 20. 2020 sales was 609 000 ish let’s duplicate that and change it to quantity call this total quantity

Replace sales with quantity

And we’re going to leave it like that now I have a sales and a quantity big number next are going to be my line charts so let’s take a copy of sales

And want to build a line chart by month

Year of order date is still on here because I copied it let’s grab order date and change it to month